Activision Seeking Legal Action Against Modern Warfare Leaker

Activision Files DMCA Subpoena Against Reddit to Uncover Identity of Modern Warfare Battle Royale Leaker

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Activision Seeking Legal Action Against Modern Warfare Leaker

Activision Seeking Legal Action Against Modern Warfare Leaker

In the internet era, it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid spoilers for just about any form of media. Video games are proving to be no exception to the rule, but that hasn’t stopped publishers from trying! Last year, Nintendo made a concerted effort to track down the Pokemon Sword and Shield leakers, and now Activision is making a similar attempt with a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leaker. The publisher has delivered a signed subpoena to Reddit for the personal information of poster Assyrian2410, after the now-banned poster uploaded a leaked image from an unannounced mode. It’s likely Assyrian2410 received the image from someone else, and Activision is trying to track the original source.


The Reddit user, Assyrian2410, who shared the image initially claimed that they found the image online but later admitted that it was sent to them. Although they refused to divulge any details, it’s safe to assume that it came from someone who had access to Activision and/or Infinity Ward’s systems. Assyrian2410 has since deleted their account.

But that hasn’t stopped Activision from filing multiple takedowns of social media and website posts on copyright grounds. And in a rare development, it has demanded Reddit hand over the personal details of a user who posted what looks like the cover art for Warzone.

As revealed by TorrentFreak, Activision obtained a subpoena from a US court ordering Reddit to dish the dirt on a redditor called Assyrian2410, who posted a thread on the Modern Warfare subreddit titled: “I found this image online. Not sure what it is. Possibly Battle Royale.”

The subpoena itself compels Reddit to provide Activision with the requested information by February 28. However, whether any further action will be taken by the Call of Duty publishers remains unknown. The court request was signed and approved on February 19. The post itself has since been taken down and Assyrian2410 has since deleted their account on Reddit.

It will be interesting to see how this story plays out in the coming days. On one hand, stopping spoilers such as these will make genuine surprises more common in the video game industry. That will be a good thing for fans that prefer to be surprised, but there could be some blowback from the fans that are clearly hungry for information. If Assyrian2410 is just an excited fan that got the leak from a bigger source, it’s hard to say whether or not the publisher’s actions are justified.

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