Aimbots Have Already Been Spotted In Black Ops 4


Aimbots Have Already Been Spotted In Black Ops 4

Aimbots Have Already Been Spotted In Black Ops 4

Despite having been out for less than a week, hackers have already found a way to install aimbots in the PC version of Black Ops 4. The evidence is a pretty suspicious video, posted to Reddit by user TheWetDolphin. The player (named ‘ViciouZ’) gets six kills in a row – with four headshots – while doing nothing more than pointing their gun in the vague direction of the enemy. The first two come after ViciouZ carelessly blind-fires around a corner, while for their third, their crosshair never even touches the player they supposedly catch in the head. This is pretty clear evidence of aimbotting, though as GamenGuides point out, it’s possible that ViciouZ may be using other hacks, too – it’s hard to say without seeing exactly what they’re seeing on their monitor.

You can view the footage link below:

Black Ops 4 aimbots

Lasting just 20 seconds, the player in question, who goes by ‘ViciouZ,’ racks up six kills with godlike precision. Every time ViciouZ turns a corner, his sights snap towards player after player, seemingly never missing a shot.

Treyarch has responded to the thread, saying “we take anti-cheat very seriously, and have worked closely with Blizzard’s security team on the process.” The developer recommends that you report cheaters through the in-game tools, through, and by posting at its Reddit account.

Players who experience any suspicious instances such as the one above are encouraged to utilize the in-game reporting function to notify Treyarch of possible cheating.

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