Alien: Covenant Will Get VR Experience

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alien-covenant-logo 2017

Hot on the heels of Alien: Covenant’s  surprise Christmas day trailer, 20th Century Fox has revealed that the move will be getting a companion  VR experience. Directed by visual effects artist David Karlak and developed by Fox Innovation lab, this mysterious Alien VR title will be a paid app coming to ‘major’ VR platforms. Interestingly, Fox has confirmed that it is being made in conjunction with Alien: Covenant’s writer and director, Ridley Scott.

While this sounds great on paper, the last Scott approved Fox Innovation VR project was The Martian VR experience – and it was pretty terrible. With a different director on board this time, however, fans will be hoping that  Alien: Covenant VR will deliver the most pant-wetting Xenomorph horror experience that money can buy.

Given that Fox has described the Alien: Covenant experience as a “companion” to the movie suggests that it will be linked to either the storyline or the characters, however, that is far from confirmed. Set to reach both UK and US cinemas on 19 May 2017, the film centres on the crew of a colony spacescraft, who travel to an uncharted paradise.

Soon after they arrive there however, they discover the land is dark and dangerous and the “sole” inhabitant is android David (Michael Fassbender, reprising his role from the 2012’s Prometheus). Although, in true Alien style, there will be some extraterrestrials lurking about to wreak havoc too, of course…


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