Amnesia: Rebirth Officially Announced For Autumn 2020

Frictional Games is returning to the horror series and has announced a new entry in the Amnesia series. It’s titled Amnesia: Rebirth, and it’s coming to Steam this autumn.

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Amnesia: Rebirth Officially Announced For Autumn 2020

Amnesia: Rebirth Officially Announced For Autumn 2020

Frictional Games has announced it will be returning to the Amnesia series this year with Amnesia: Rebirth, and it’s coming this fall to PC and PlayStation 4. While it’s not the only sequel to the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it is the first game developed in-house by Frictional Games in 10 years. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was published by Frictional, but developed by Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture studio The Chinese Room.


An official synopsis reads: “Set in the desolate landscape of the Algerian desert, the game will focus on new character Tasi Trianon as she sets out on a harrowing journey through devastation and despair, personal terror and pain, while exploring the limits of human resilience.” The blog goes on to describe a “pitiless horror”, a creature that “threatens to devour you”, suggesting the new game will be similar in tone and structure to its predecessors.

So it looks like Frictional games are ‘going back to their roots’ in this new installment, reading the description on the Steam page makes me wonder if I’m not just reading the original Amnesia’s game description, except this time you’re in the desert, and you’re a girl. Not only that, but the subtitle ‘Rebirth’ could also be seen in the meta context as a rebirth of the franchise.

There’s no word on whether this new addition to the series will have mod support, though considering how much the modding community helped with Amnesia’s growth in the first place, it would be an absolute shame if they didn’t include mod support this time round.

Further details reveal other tidbits, many of which are unsurprising. The game is a “first-person narrative horror experience”, of course, and it will ask you to “carefully manage your limited resources, both physical and mental”. Otherwise, details remain scarce.

About Amnesia: Rebirth:

You can’t let out a breath. The creature is only inches away. Its sole purpose – to feed off your terror. And so you crouch in the dark, trying to stop the fear rising, trying to silence what lies within you.

“I know you. I know what you’re capable of.”

In Amnesia: Rebirth, you are Tasi Trianon, waking up deep in the desert of Algeria. Days have passed. Where have you been? What did you do? Where are the others? Retrace your journey, pull together the fragments of your shattered past; it is your only chance to survive the pitiless horror that threatens to devour you.

“Do not allow yourself anger, do not allow yourself to fear.”

Time is against you. Step into Tasi’s shoes and guide her through her personal terror and pain. While you struggle to make your way through a desolate landscape, you must also struggle with your own hopes, fears, and bitter regrets. And still you must continue, step by step, knowing that if you fail you will lose everything.

Key Features

  • First-person narrative horror experience.
  • Explore environments and uncover their histories.
  • Overcome puzzles that stand in your way.
  • Carefully manage your limited resources, both physical and mental.
  • Encounter horrific creatures and use your wits and understanding of the world to escape them.

Amnesia: Rebirth will be released in autumn 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4, and is currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Steam, you can wishlist it now as we wait to hear on a confirmed release date.

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