Apex Legends Exploit Gives You Twitch Prime Loot For Free

A small exploit was discovered in Apex Legends to acquire five loot boxes and a legendary Twitch subscription skin without paying for it

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Apex Legends Exploit Gives You Twitch Prime Loot For Free

Apex Legends Exploit Gives You Twitch Prime Loot For Free

Apex Legends has been on the map for nearly three weeks at this point, and it has already accomplished quite a bit. It even has its own Twitch Prime pack. That said, some players are going about the acquisition of said Twitch Prime pack via nefarious means.

Twitch Prime users are supposed to be the only players entitled to the exclusive content, but it turns out players that don’t even have a subscription are also being able to access it after a cheat went viral.

The exploit grants players five free loot boxes and the Apex Legends Legendary Pathfinder skin.

To get these free goodies, you’ll need to be a Twitch Prime subscriber. If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll just need to sign up for Twitch Prime as the two services are part of the same package at no additional cost.

Players have taken to Reddit to discuss their findings. Essentially, they have found a way to obtain the Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack without actually having a Twitch Prime membership. “It’s the Reddit Prime package now,” one Redditor proclaimed.

Once you’re subscribed you get a bunch of benefits, including free games every month and free loot packs for games like Apex Legends, Warframe and Fortnite among many others.

Here’s what you’ll get with your free Apex Legends loot pack (note, you can only pick one platform so choose carefully between PC, PS4 and Xbox One):

  • 1 free Omega Point Pathfinder skin (pictured above)
  • 5 loot crates with random cosmetics

You’ll also need to link your Twitch Prime and Origin accounts, which you can do by following this link. Once you’ve done that, you can claim your free loot here.

They saved the changes, launched the title and voila – here’s five free loot boxes and a legendary Pathfinder skin. We have tested this method and it actually works. There is only one condition – the parameter must be present in the startup options all the time. Otherwise, the skin will disappear from the inventory (the stuff from the loot boxes remains though).

We don’t know how long Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment will need to patch the bug. It is also difficult to determine whether they will allow us to keep the items or will the be removed when the error is detected. Of course, the whole thing comes with a risk of being banned, so use the exploit on your own risk.

Apex Legends launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the beginning of this month. Although the title appeared on the market unexpectedly and without a big marketing campaign, it quickly gained considerable popularity. In the first week the game was launched by as many as 25 million people.

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