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Apex Legends New Map Called World’s Edge For Season 3

New trailer reveals an entirely new map coming for season 3

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Apex Legends New Map Called World’s Edge For Season 3

 Apex Legends New Map Called World’s Edge For Season 3

Developer Respawn announced today that it is launching a new map for its battle royale shooter Apex Legends. The studio will roll out this new environment at the start of the game Season 3 content, which begins October 1. According to their official description, this new terrain is “where molten heat and chemical ice collide.”

The map was introduced in a trailer, which includes all of the Legends, including the brand new one Crypto, being taken to a new planet called Talos, where this new area is located.

You can watch the full trailer below:


The cinematic video doesn’t reveal much about the map, and is CG rather than gameplay, but we can gather a few details from what we see. While Kings Canyon is mostly deserts, this map seems to give players a lot more biomes to explore. There’s a snow-covered mountain range and glacial formations in one area, while another area is covered in dense hard rocks and molten lava.

The standout feature from the trailer seems to be a train that the Legends are fighting on top of. If the train really is on the map, it could spend entire matches zipping around the map bringing loot, but also giving players a mobile platform to fight on.

At first it seemed like Apex was following the path laid by Epic in Fortnite: aggressively altering a single map hand-in-hand with promotional events that added giant creatures, stunt parks, and new structures to loot. Clearly Respawn is going in a different direction.

Apex Legends Season 3 arrives on October 1

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