Arkane Teasing Prey Story Expansion Set On Moon Base

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Arkane Teasing Prey Story Expansion Set On Moon Base

Arkane Teasing Prey Story Expansion Set On Moon Base

2017’s Prey reboot was arguably the complete package for immersive sim fans, which is why we just sort of assumed that it wouldn’t be getting any DLC after launch. After all, you could pretty much put a bow on the ending and tie it up there. A year later though, Arkane has spun up the rumour mill with a mysterious new tweet from the official Prey Twitter account that heavily hints a DLC expansion may be on the way.

Arkane’s tweet says Do we really know what’s out there?”, along with a gif that spans from the Transtar logo to the surface of the moon. A lunar colony is repeatedly referenced throughout Prey, and it looks as if we could very well be heading there after all this time.

Just to fan the flames a little further, a new Twitter account has cropped up under the name KasmaCorp, Transtar’s chief rival. The account only went live on March 1st and has just a single tweet to its name – an image showing how to dissect and harvest the psi power from a Mimic, Prey’s shape-altering goo.

If you wanted yet more proof that something’s up here, the KasmaCorp Twitter account is followed by no less than six of Arkane’s employees. A Redditor by the name of ‘SHAPE_IN_THE_GLASS’  has also managed to snag a screenshot of the orbiting moon base, taken from the original Prey. A Bethesda employee then replied to his post saying “that’s some really impressive attention to detail.”

All in all, it seems as if Arkane and Bethesda are having a lot of fun and games teasing new DLC for Prey. Anecdotally it seemed as if Prey perhaps didn’t like up to Bethesda’s commercial expectations at launch, and it was rapidly discounted, but perhaps the rave reviews have been enough to give it a second lease of life in the year since its launch.

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