ASUS Achieve World Record Intel CPU Overclock Of 7.383GHz

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ASUS achieve world record Intel CPU overclock of 7.383GHz

Using their new Maximus XI Apex motherboard ASUS have been able to achieve world record Intel overclocks of over 7.3GHz, using liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium.
Previously the highest ever Intel overclock was from Intel’s i7 980X on their X58 platform, reaching an overclock of 7.195GHz. Since then Intel has released their Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake CPUs, five generations of processors which failed to take Intel’s Gulftown CPU from its overclocking throne.
Now at an ASUS “Absolute Zero” event, a group of world class overclockers have been able to finally break this record by achieving overclocks of 7.383GHz on a single CPU core and a core clock speed of 7.328GHz on all four cores and eight threads on an Intel i7 7700K.
The overclockers slamms was able to achieve the world’s highest Intel core clock speed of 7.383GHz on a single core and the overclocker der8auer was able to achieve an overclock of 7.328GHz on all four cores and eight threads.
This event showcases exactly how well Intel’s new Kaby Lake series CPUs can overclock, with 5GHz overclocks seeming common on Intel’s new Z270 platform.
It is still very early days for the Kaby Lake overclocking scene, so it is expected that these world-class overclocks will be broken within the next few months, especially as BIOS revisions are released and professional overclockers gain access to custom-made BIOS versions.
At this ASUS event, the overclockers Fredyama, elmor, slamms, shamino, der8auer, coolice, Raja, Xtreme Addict and Dancop were present, with most of them walking away with new world record overclocks and first place scores on a variety of CPU and gaming benchmarks.

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