Asus New Line Of RTX 2060 Dual Mini Graphics Cards

Asus has added a pair of new graphics card to its Mini form factor series, the RTX 2060 Dual Mini could be built to compete with the likes of the AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

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Asus New Line Of RTX 2060 Dual Mini Graphics Cards

Asus New Line Of RTX 2060 Dual Mini Graphics Cards

Asus RTX 2060 Dual Mini series is comprised of two identical-looking cards, the DUAL-RTX2060-6G-MIN SKU features reference GPU clock speeds while the DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-MINI provides a mildly overclocked GPU frequency. The PCB in both Mini cards measures 197mm long, 121mm tall and that cards take up 2 PCIe slots, so they should fit perfectly in almost any desktop PC case.

The product lineup includes the ”DUAL-RTX2060-6G-MINI” with a base clock of 1,365MHz in Gaming Mode, a boost clock of 1,680MHz, and a boost clock of 1,710MHz in OC mode , and 1,365MHz, 1,725MHz and 1,755MHz, respectively. Two models, “DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-MINI” , are available. The new Dual GeForce RTXTM 2060 MINI Graphics Card is specifically designed for the new Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit and Intel NUC 9 Pro Kit, bringing the thermal performance of larger cards to the evolving small-form-factor market. Features like Axial-tech fan design, a custom 2-slot thermal solution, and Auto-Extreme Technology make the MINI an obvious choice for those looking for the best experience with the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit, Intel® NUC 9 Pro Kit, and other small chassis.

These cards occupy two expansion slots to accommodate the IP5X dust-resistant cooling solution. For these shortened models, Asus says it redesigned the cooling shroud, heatsink, and heatpipe layout to facilitate better cooling performance. Each card is equipped with a pair of “axial-tech” fans.

Asus says:

“Newly designed for the latest generation of top-end ROG graphics cards, these fans feature a smaller hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring to increase downward air pressure,”

In Gaming mode, the regular 2060 Mini sticks to reference specs, those being a 1,365MHz base clock and 1,680MHz boost clock. However, users can squeeze out a bit of extra performance by selecting OC mode, which bumps the boost clock to 1,710MHz. The design of the card looks somewhat understated with its all-black appearance, however, Asus has implemented subtle RGB Led lighting to the fan shroud to add a hint of style. Each card is put through a rigorous 144-hour stability test procedure as well as a series of benchmark test to ensure the card runs as expected in top titles while being stable when pushed to the limit.

Asus is yet to confirm a launch date or official pricing for the RTX 2060 Dual Mini series.

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