ASUS Release Their New RX 500 Series Of Strix GPUs

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asus strix RX 500 series

ASUS Release Their New RX 500 Series Of Strix GPUs

ASUS have now announced their new RX 500 series of Strix GPUs, all of which feature factory overclocks that are higher than their RX 400 series counterparts.
Below is a table comparing the clock speeds of ASUS’ RX 580/70 Strix series of GPU compared to their highest clocked RX 480/70 series counterparts, with AMD’s new RX 500 series GPUs coming with much higher core clock speeds.
ASUS’ Strix series coolers remain largely unchanged, coming with the same AURA RGB features and some minor design tweaks for optimal cooling performance. If it ain’t broke, optimise it.
With the RX 500 series, AMD fans have been given a great opportunity, giving those who are ready for an upgrade the chance not only to purchase new enhanced Polaris silicon with higher clock speeds and efficiency but also the chance to purchase their older RX 400 series GPUs at greatly reduced prices.
Evostrix ASUS RX 470 Strix OC RX 570 Strix OC RX 480 Stix OC RX 580 Strix OC RX 580 Strix OC TOP
Archtecture Polaris Polaris + Polaris Polaris + Polaris +
Stream Processors 2048 2048 2304 2304 2304
Boost Clock speed 1230MHz 1310MHz 1330MHz 1380MHz 1431MHz
Memory speed 6600MHz 7000MHz 8000MHz 8000MHz 8000MHz
Cooler  Dual Fan Dual Fan Triple fan Triple Fan Triple Fan

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