BIOSTAR Shows Mini-ITX AM4 Motherboard For AMD Ryzen

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So far, the manufacturers rushing to release AM4 motherboards to support AMD’s new Ryzen processors have focused on the Micro-ATX form factor. Biostar decided to buck that trend and embrace the Mini-ITX form factor with its new Racing X370GTN and Racing B350GTN motherboards.

As their names imply, the Racing X370GTN and Racing B350GTN support the X370 and B350 chipsets, respectively. We suspect they’ll be followed by a Racing A320GTN–the entry-level AM4 chipset AMD introduced alongside its Ryzen 5 processors earlier this month–before too long. Not that it will make much difference, because the boards announced today are identical despite featuring chipsets with ostensibly different capabilities.

They’re identical, that is, except for their prices. The Racing X370GTN costs $129, and the Racing B350GTN costs $109. It’s not clear, though, what the extra $20 is going towards when the board offers none of the X370 chipset’s advantages, such as the two additional SATA-III and PCI-E 2.0 Gen 2 lanes, over the B350 chipset. Right now it seems like you’re going to be better off pocketing the difference by going with the Racing B350GTN.

Even the Biostar public relations team seems confused–the press release about these two boards (plural) said the company was announcing the “first and only” Mini-ITX motherboard (singular) for Ryzen. Given the apparent lack of differences between these boards, it’s easy to see where they got the impression that Biostar was only announcing one product. We’ve reached out to the company to learn more about the situation.

biostar X370GTN specs

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