Black Myth: Wukong Developer Responds To Huge Trailer Popularity

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Black Myth: Wukong Developer Responds To Huge Trailer Popularity

Black Myth: Wukong Developer Responds To Huge Trailer Popularity

After its 13 minute gameplay trailer exploded in popularity, Black Myth: Wukong developer Feng Ji responds and provides an update on the game. Even without big traditional events happening this year like E3, companies are still finding ways to announce games being worked on. One of the biggest surprises this week was the reveal of Black Myth: Wukong, an action game that comes from a small Chinese-based development team called Game Science Studio.

The reveal showed off impressive visuals, fluid combat, and other interesting gameplay mechanics. The footage quickly spread across the internet, pulled in 10 million views on the Chinese video site BillBill along, and gained a sizable following across the globe. The rise in attention and popularity is a fact which has not gone unnoticed by the developers.

Recreation Science founder Feng Ji has now responded to the large, sudden recognition of the sport, stated the group will now “disguise” to proceed growth, and apologised for issues that made it into the pre-alpha gameplay. Writing on Weibo and translated by ResetEra member Nightengale, the developer defined that the 13 minutes of gameplay (Video above) used to introduce the sport which you’ll watch under had been launched to be “sincere” concerning the sport, in addition to assist appeal to extra potential workers to affix his firm.

However, he is cheered by the fact that many, many people liked what they saw so far, and communicated that the team will “hide” in order to focus wholly on development and improvements. He even encouraged people to “forget” about Black Myth: Wu Kong and Game Science, suggesting that another update won’t arrive for quite some time. That’s alright, though. As long as everyone at Game Science is not feeling the pressure to deliver something in a short space of time, then the final product will be worth the wait.

Fans may also be disappointed to hear that following this welcomed and impressive surprise game reveal, Game Science Studio intends to go dark to continue working on Black Myth: Wukong. Ultimately, fans shouldn’t expect to see a new update for quite some time though the team is pleased that the trailer is able to provide some people with a bit of comfort during these times.

He closes the put up by saying that the group will now “disguise once more” to proceed growth, that means we’re unlikely to see way more gameplay within the close to future.

Although the game appears to be still a ways off, there’s still no official word if Black Myth: Wukong is even going to be released outside of China. However, the positive reception will no doubt go a long way to potentially helping a worldwide release. So far, Game Science has confirmed a release for PC and what it describes as all mainstream host platforms. This likely means consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but fans will likely need to wait for the official confirmation to be sure.

Currently Black Myth: Wukong is currently in development for PC and unspecified platforms.

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