Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheaters Now Have To Play Each Other

New changes and update to Modern Warfare and Warzone now shames cheaters and hackers to fight to the death.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheaters Now Have To Play Each Other

Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheaters Now Have To Play Each Other

Call of Duty: Warzone has faced a growing wave of cheaters as late, with public outcry over their prevalence across the free-to-play battle royale in recent weeks. The cross-platform nature of Warzone has accelerated its spread, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, traditionally segregated from other platforms, facing a growing crowd of PC cheaters. It has even pushed some console Warzone players to disable cross-play, awaiting further action from the developer, Infinity Ward.


Now, Infinity Ward has posted an update on Twitter detailing that a new lobby will be introduced that will group suspected cheaters up against fellow suspected cheaters. Yep, that’s right. The updated matchmaking system will now match potential wrong ‘uns together. That’s certainly one way to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Infinity Ward is making a few changes to combat the prevalence of cheating in both games, most notably throwing suspected cheaters in matches together. When Warzone and Modern Warfare’s naughtier players try to queue for a match, they’ll find themselves duking it out with other killjoys who use aimbots and the like to get a leg up.

Cheater vs. Cheater Lobbies

A further step taken to combat cheating is updated matchmaking to group suspected cheaters together.

Lumping cheaters together to duke it out among themselves carries a certain humorous quality, a satisfying comeuppance for those flouting the rules and spoiling the fun for others. But, the success of Warzone cheater vs. cheater lobbies hinges on execution.

It’s a solution that’s been used in other games, and it brings me great joy to know that they’ll all be having an awful time. It would, of course, be much better if they all just went away, but in the meantime we can all appreciate the schadenfreude.

The update will also improve reporting features for those who wish to report any cheaters they encounter during matches. Players in Warzone and Modern Warfare will now receive confirmation in-game when a player they’ve reported has been banned. Additional dedicated security updates are also being introduced, along with the added functionality to be able to report players when in Kill cam and Spectate modes.

Over 50,000 accounts found to be using cheats were banned from Call of Duty: Warzone by April 1, and that number had risen to 70,000 by April 14. The free-to-play game has over 50 million players.

There’s no confirmation on when this will make it to the game just yet, but fingers crossed the changes coming this week will mean your chances of facing a cheater in-game drop significantly.

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