Capcom Responds To Controversy Over Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads

Ads are staying in Street Fighter V. Capcom will “consider how we can improve this new feature”

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Capcom Responds To Controversy Over Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads

Capcom Responds To Controversy Over Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads

Capcom has been criticised for adding advertisements into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but seems to have no plans to remove it.

Now, Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono has responded via twitter (below). In a statement posted Sunday evening, Ono thanked fans for their feedback, adding that Capcom will continue to consider this feedback to think about how it may “improve” the sponsored content feature in the future. Advertisements in Street Fighter V seem like they are here to stay.

The publisher added ‘Sponsored Content’ to the game in an update last week, which introduces advertising to various stages, character models and loading screens.

There are also complaints about the fact that Capcom has introduced advertising to a full-price titles whereas it’s expected in free-to-play games although this is nothing new, with EA providing in-game ad spaces across everything from FIFA’s stadium walls to Burnout Paradise billboards (as an example of how long this has been happening).

The ads can actually be turned off in the game’s setting menu, although some users insist this should be opt-in by default rather than opt-out. As an added incentive, players who leave the advertising enabled earn more Fight Money.

Nevertheless, complaints via social media and platforms like Reddit have obviously reached a stage where Capcom feels compelled to offer a response.

Advertisements came to Street Fighter V in an update released on December 11. Some people immediately criticised the move, and made silly mock-up images of new skins for brands like McDonald’s and Mtn Dew. Right now, the ads in Street Fighter V are for things like the Capcom Pro Tour series and extra content sales for the game. Players who view the ads earn extra Fight Money (the game’s currency) from Ranked and Casual matches, but the sponsored content, as Capcom calls it, can be toggled off for those who don’t want to see it.

In other Street Fighter V news, Capcom just today launched a new character, Kage, and introduced a big new balance patch.

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