Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter World Has Sold 10m Copies

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Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter World Has Sold 10m Copies

Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter World Has Sold 10m Copies

Capcom’s juggernaut online action RPG has taken the gaming world by storm; Monster Hunter: World has now sold 10 million copies globally, Capcom today announced. The multiplayer service game, which was in development for four long years at Capcom, helped the company’s first quarter profits spike by a huge 647% while pinning down its formula for continued growth and success.

Back in March, Capcom recorded 7.5 million copies of Monster Hunter: World shipped during the first two months of the game’s worldwide release. While the game has launched on PC since then, (likely giving it the 2.5 million unit boost to reach the 10 million mark), it notably crossed this milestone after losing a large chunk of its potential market.

Tencent pulled Monster Hunter: World from sale in China on its WeGame digital games platform just days after the title’s August 10 release. The takedown reportedly followed “numerous complaints” received by authorities about the game’s content and prompted the company to offer refunds to players who had already picked up the title since the takedown could affect Capcom’s plans to offer ongoing support for Monster Hunter: World in China.

While Monster Hunter: World’s success shouldn’t push Capcom towards more service games these releases are massive undertakings that take years and years of careful and meticulous work it will strongly reinforce a multi-platform push. As such we should see nearly all of the company’s major games launch on both the PC and home console market, especially when it comes to wholly-owned IPs.

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