Civilization 6 Battle Royale Mode Confirmed Called Red Death

fight to be the last one off the planet

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Civilization 6 Battle Royale Mode Confirmed Called Red Death

Civilization 6 Battle Royale Mode Confirmed Called Red Death

Proving once again that nothing is impervious to the lure of Battle Royale, developer Firaxis’ 4X strategy game Civilization 6 just launched its own take on the omnipresent mode on PC.

Known as Red Death, Civ 6’s new turn-based Battle Royale mode ditches the game’s usual slow-and-steady expansion in favour a desperate last-person-standing grasp for survival across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, replete with ruined cities, corrosive waters, and a ring of radiation that slowly shrinks as a match goes on. It’s designed to accommodate between two and 12 players, with each able to select from a range of beneficially differing factions – including mad scientists, mutants, jocks, and pirates – in their attempts to stay alive.

12 players will duke it out in Civilization 6 battle royale mode and each player will control a civilization of their own. Fortunately, players won’t have to build the civilizations at all; instead, each player will be able to choose from a group of different post-apocalyptic factions, with each faction offering various advantages in the game. Instead of dropping on a random point, players’ factions will spawn in a safe zone along with an infantry unit, a machine gun unit, and a civilian. Similar to other battle royale games, the safe zone will shrink every few turns reducing the playable area. Players will be forced to move all their units inward which will eventually lead to factions facing each other in battle.

Rather than build a civ, you manage a post-apocalyptic faction comprised of mobile combat units protecting a civilian unit—and if that civilian unit dies or is captured, you’re out of the match. You explore the map with your units, a turn at a time, hoping to gather additional units and level them up with XP. Meanwhile, the Red Death closes around you, forcing you into contact with other players and AI-controlled enemies and outposts in the ever-shrinking safe zone.

The developers did announce that a new multiplayer mode will be added to the game, but no one expected a battle royale mode. While it may not be quite as extensive as the Rise and Fall expansion, the September update for Civilization 6 brings a lot of different features, but Red Death definitely takes the cake. The new game mode is free for everyone who owns Civilization 6. Red Death is available now on PC as part of Civilization 6 free September update, which also includes a variety of improvements and fixes, as detailed in Firaxis’ patch notes.

Civilization 6 is available on PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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