Civilization 6 On Switch Does Not Have Online Multiplayer

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Civilization 6 On Switch Does Not Have Online Multiplayer

Civilization 6 On Switch Does Not Have Online Multiplayer

Civilization VI marks the return to console for Sid Meier’s mainline series, as well as the first entry to soon hit a Nintendo platform since the original for Super NES. The upcoming Switch version is just around the corner, although one major caveat is sure to disappoint many there will be no multiplayer. As this month’s release of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on Switch draws closer, the game’s official YouTube channel has been uploading videos teaching newcomers how to play the game. One thing Nintendo players won’t be learning about is how the online multiplayer component works. That’s because in this version of the game there’s no such mode.

A Reddit user known as ‘WinneonSword’ was reportedly the first to point out that the eShop listing for Civilization VI makes no mention of online multiplayer and only references the game’s local multiplayer. While it was suspected this mode might drop as a day one patch, publisher 2K has since confirmed to Eurogamer that the Switch version of the game won’t support it at all:

Civilization 6 for Nintendo Switch includes support for local cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players via a Wireless Network. It will not have online multiplayer.

Civilization 6 On Switch Does Not Have Online Multiplayer

This is obviously a blow to fans, many of whom were hoping to play Civilization 6 with friends over the internet. “If online multiplayer is not added in a day 1 patch, I personally will be hard-pressed to buy the game,” original poster WinneonSword stated. “The online function has been one of the primary ways I played the game and its predecessors on PC.”

Other players, however, say that the news does not particularly phase them as Civilization games provide a “solid single-player experience”. Yet it does seem a bit of a shame to limit multiplayer to only local games. Civilization 6 is encouraging us to go back in time to LAN parties.

This does harken back to the days of Civilization for Super NES and Civilization II for PlayStation, where neither featured online capabilities, however spin-off Civilization Revolution managed online multiplayer just fine on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Given that Nintendo has finally established its Switch Online platform, this seems like an incredibly missed opportunity that is sure to disappoint many.

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