Days Gone Will Get Free DLC With Survival Difficulty Mode In June

Arriving this summer, can you survive on Survival mode?

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Days Gone Will Get Free DLC With Survival Difficulty Mode In June

Days Gone Will Get Free DLC With Survival Difficulty Mode In June

A new difficulty and added challenges will be coming to Days Gone for free this summer. With Days Gone slated to release tomorrow, Sony has yesterday opted to reveal plans for additional content that will be arriving later in the year (june).

Starting this June, a slate of free DLC will be coming to Days Gone for those who will be looking for more to do in the game’s world. Likely the biggest addition in this new slate of add-on content will be that of a new difficulty mode called Survival. This difficulty will not only make the game generally harder, but it will also not allow you to fast travel, use survival vision, and will also remove your map and other markers from your HUD. New trophies will also be included in this Survival update.

The new DLC will contain a new Survival Mode and weekly challenges, additionally offering new trophies and new appearances for Deacon’s motorcycle. Deacon is the main character that players will get to play as in Days Gone. Its June release means that players will have a month or two to finish the game before it launches.

The Survival Mode will feature tougher encounters with enemies and offer deeper gameplay changes. Fast Travel and Survival Vision will both be disabled. Survival Vision is a feature that lets you track enemies and focus on key parts of the environment. The Mode also removes all on-screen indicators, and the mini-map, leaving you to find your way on your own in the wilderness. This sounds really interesting as it will truly be a test for survival.

Current rewards for beating the game on Survival difficulty and completing challenges will include new bike skins and trophies, with additional details to come.Typically, the game normally has three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, or Hard. It will follow a 30+ hour narrative as players explore its massive open world crawling with dynamic events, “Freaks,” and narrative arcs within a post-apocalyptic vision of Oregon.

On March 8, SIE Bend posted a tweet celebrating Days Gone’s completion. The tweet announced that Days Gone went gold, signifying that the game passed certification and is officially ready for distribution digitally and physically.

Days Gone is releasing tomorrow on April 26 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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