Death Stranding Review Bombing Hits Metacritic

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Death Stranding Review Bombing Hits Metacritic

Death Stranding Review Bombing Hits Metacritic

Trolls are now hitting Metacritic with Death Stranding review bombing, artificially inflating the amount of negative reviews that the game has to drive down its rating. Oddly enough, a large number of the reviews are in Spanish, though no one’s sure just what people have against Hideo Kojima there for now.

The user score for Death Stranding on Metacritic is now just 6.2 as 1,731 (Since we have posted this) users have posted positive reviews for the game and 883 have posted negative reviews. It’s not unusual for game reviews from users to look like this, but the content of the reviews suggests that Death Stranding is being review bombed. One thing that confirms this is that many of the bad reviews score the game zero, while many of the good reviews score the game 10/10. It’s also not unusual for a game to get user scores from all over the scale, but the number of the 0/10 and 10/10 reviews does seem odd when there are just 89 mixed reviews. A game enjoyed and hated by so many people would likely have more people in the middle.

Death Stranding Review Bombing Hits Metacritic

Several of the positive reviews also talk about Kojima. One 10/10 review from robbiengall says that “giving a game “0” simply because you don’t like it, means you’re an immature imbecile” and that “It’s your fault you expected something else, not Kojima’s.” Another 10/10 review from kemblon667 also criticizes the other reviews and says that they are “giving it a 10 just to offset this stupidity.”

Critic reviews have been somewhat divided too, with even positive score reviews remarking that the game can be boring and frustrating in places, and others suggesting the story fails to deliver on an enticing promise laid out by years of cryptic marketing material and a strong start.

Another reason for the Death Stranding review bombing is likely because Death Stranding is divisive among many critics, some of whom claim there’s nothing of substance to it or takes too long to get going while others claim it’s a great follow up for Hideo Kojima’s first post-Metal Gear game.

As a game that its creator has described as an attempt to bridge the deep divides seen in today’s society, and reach out to those who have been isolated or separated from communities, it sure has created a lot of division so far. Much of that could be laid at the feet of that enigmatic marketing campaign, as many aren’t quite sure what sort of game it is even at launch. Twitch viewership for Death Stranding yesterday, as the game launched and a few people found copies through retailers breaking street date, became one of the most popular games on the platform, doubling the viewership of League of Legends.

Review bombing tends to happen fairly frequently with popular titles. For example, we’ve not long just seen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare get review bombed by players who weren’t happy with the focus on using Russians as the main antagonist and the way the story, in general, played out. And while we personally don’t let user reviews entirely sway my desire to grab a game, it’s always worth seeing the conversation for both for and against.

When Astral Chain was review bombed on Metacritic, the site worked quickly to remove many of the reviews. Many were glad to see the site remove these Death Stranding reviews, but now that another major release has been review bombed, some are asking what Metacritic can do to stop it from happening again.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4 with a PC release to come in summer of 2020.

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