Elite Dangerous Beyond Arrives This Month

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Elite Dangerous Beyond Arrives This Month

Elite Dangerous Beyond Arrives This Month

Since it came out in 2014, Elite: Dangerous has grown into a very impressive and engaging game. Sure, this game isn’t for everyone, as it has a rather steep learning curve and some unique gameplay mechanics. Actually, when it first came out, the title didn’t offer much gameplay variety or engagement. You could either play as a bounty hunter, a trader, or an explorer, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a space sim. Things have progressed a bit since then, and after a few years and a few updates, players can actually land on planets and fight aliens. Chapter One arrives on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 27, Elite Dangerous: Beyond is set to expand Frontier’s title even more, which will definitely keep the game alive for the foreseeable future.

With the release of Chapter One the crime and punishment system in Elite Dangerous will undergo a series of changes designed to improve the response to players’ criminal activities, making Open Play’s massively multiplayer galaxy fairer and more competitive. The new Advance Tactical Response will be on the hunt for repeat offenders, ‘Hot Ships’ attach crimes to players’ spacecrafts, and new notoriety levels increase consequences for illegal activities making the galaxy a more challenging place for veteran pilots.

With the introduction of GalNet Audio the main source of news in Elite Dangerous becomes easily accessible as commanders can catch up on the latest updates and engage with the overarching narrative without ever leaving the action.

Starting February 27, new contacts will become available for Elite Dangerous Horizons owners as tech brokers, dealers of rare tools and technologies, give players a chance to acquire new items based on their personal narrative and experience. In addition, material traders will allow commanders to convert and exchange materials, making engineering and unlocking missions with tech brokers more accessible.

Beyond – Chapter One also features an array of improvements and updates, including the addition of a trade data overlay helping commanders find the most profitable trades in the Milky Way, changes to the engineering mechanics which ensure guaranteed improvement when crafting, the overhaul of the mission rewards system as well as the introduction of a new combat ship, The Chieftain, built as a response to the new Thargoid threat.

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