Epic Games Banned Over 1100 Cheaters During Fortnite The World Cup

And more than 200 players forfeited prize money

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Epic Games Banned Over 1100 Cheaters During Fortnite The World Cup

Epic Games Banned Over 1100 Cheaters During Fortnite The World Cup

Cheaters are a common problem on popular games, and though they’re never welcome, these players are a particularly serious issue in competitive play when large rewards and glory are on the line. Epic has released a new statement on integrity in its own competitive events, detailing the outcome of its anti-cheater efforts. Among other things, more than 1100 players were banned during the week 1 qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup.

Today, Epic released a news post about “competitive game integrity” that showed actions taken against players found to be cheating.

The post detailed the following actions regarding week 1’s tournament: 1163 accounts, including 196 prize winners, were banned from competitive play for 14 days for getting around region lock and playing in multiple regions. 48 accounts, including nine prize winners, were banned for 14 days for account sharing. Eight accounts were banned for teaming, including one winner.

Of them, 196 players forfeited their winnings after they were caught circumventing region locks to play in several regions. Epic said that will change the prize payouts for others in the tournament, but their improved finishes won’t be reflected on Fortnite’s in-game leaderboard.

Nine prize winners lost their money for sharing accounts, and one winner’s earnings were vacated for teaming. Epic Games said it has added a “real-time teaming detection algorithm” to its competitive play. Teaming, in which players in a solo mode work cooperatively and create a competitive disadvantage for others, can get players banned even in competitive non-tournament play. Custom matches aren’t monitored for teaming.

In all cases where prize winners had actions taken against them, those winners will forfeit any money they earned. Epic pointed out that this means tournament results will “shift” but “won’t currently be reflected on the in-game leader-board”.

One account was banned from Fortnite permanently for using cheat software. Epic writes that “this account played for less than five minutes in the tournament before being banned.” It isn’t clear if this is Team Kaliber’s Kosmala.

Another account received a 72-hour competitive ban for disconnecting on purpose to keep another player from getting points.

While Epic’s post did not directly comment on the rumors circulating about Dubs fn, it did write: “We appreciate the community’s concern around the integrity of the competition, but questioning the results of an individual participant without direct evidence unfairly tears apart what should be a crowning moment of achievement for an individual or team who earned their way there and performed when it counted.”

Epic wrote that it is working on improved teaming detection and urged players to report others they suspect of cheating. With the week two duos competition happening this weekend, we’ll see how this issue continues to play out.

Players who were given penalties should think twice before creating a new account to get around the bans Epic says this will result in being permanently banned from all future competitive Fortnite events. In addition, Epic says it is improving its teaming detection software to eventually use in all game modes. A future announcement will alert players when the tech is live in other non-competitive modes.

The full schedule for Fortnite World Cup can be seen here.

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