Epic Games Sues Fortnite Live Festival Organisers

Fortnite Live did not go down well

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Epic Games Sues Fortnite Live Festival Organisers

Epic Games Sues Fortnite Live Festival Organisers

The organiser of an ill-fated Fortnite festival is to be sued by the game’s publisher, Epic. Fortnite Live took place over the weekend in the UK city of Norwich, but was met with a universally negative reception from attendees.

With 2,500 attendees and barely any attractions to show for it, parents of children immediately sought out refunds. Now, Epic Games have made a statement (below) confirming that they are indeed taking legal action against the organisers of the event.

Tickets cost between £12 and £32 per person, which granted fans access to understaffed, generic, and poor-quality attractions such as a climbing wall and archery practice. Fortnite branding, including character likenesses, was used all over the event, despite none of that intellectual property being licensed for use by organiser Exciting Events. As a result, Epic has stated it will sue the event organiser.

With staffing problems leading to long queues, inappropriate merchandise, and very few Fortnite activities, many parents were left feeling very angry while many kids were bored and disappointed. Two more events were due to run in March and April respectively, but the likelihood of those taking place was already looking slim. Now that likelihood has turned to miniscule seeing as the game’s developer, Epic Games, has begun legal proceedings against the event’s organisers, the inappropriately-named Exciting Events.

Epic Games spokesperson in a statement:

The quality of our player experience is incredibly important to us, whether it’s inside the game or at official public events like last year’s Fortnite Pro-Am.

Epic Games was not in any way associated with the event that took place in Norwich and we’ve issued a claim against the organisers in the High Court of London.

There are no details on what the claim is seeking to achieve, but Epic isn’t known for their love of bad publicity, or any publicity really that isn’t of their making, so they were never going to allow Experience Events to potentially tarnish their property any further. Hopefully those who have purchased tickets to the other events will be able to get their money back.

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