Evostrix Web Hosting Highlights Of 2018

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Evostrix Web Hosting Highlights Of 2018

Evostrix Web Hosting Highlights Of 2018

With 2019 upon us it’s time to close out this year with a quick overview of the key web hosting events behind our backs.

It’s been another year of big acquisitions in the industry, which has given small, independent companies like us the chance to shine through with creative marketing campaigns and a customer centric service.

Also, 2018 saw “https” becoming the norm, which has turned SSL certificates into a really vital service for every project online.

In tune with global trends we’ve kept improving our platform so as to make our web hosting business more competitive in this dynamic market.

Here’s a look at some of the service improvements and upgrades that were introduced throughout 2018:

A newly revamped Control Panel a fully reworked and fully responsive version of the Web Hosting Control Panel was launched as a user-centred solution.

Evostrix Web Hosting Highlights Of 2018

Its dashboard was meant to offer a new, more intuitive look, which would make the most useful features and functionalities stand out and would let users easily find what they are looking for while managing their projects.

Our revamped Control Panel mobile version was replaced with a full-blown responsive design solution so users could have impeccable access to their hosting/domain management dashboard from any device they want.

A host of Control Panel upgrades: we also introduced plenty of new, helpful, dev-friendly features such as a web-based SSH functionality, as well as new PHP frameworks – Phalcon and Swoole.

Our Site Updated: we have made some changes in our web site (work in progress) such as, more info added in front page, new menu bar, our clients can now give us Feedback/Review/Testimonial and it will show in our site front page (Bottom).

Phalcon ranks among the fastest PHP frameworks on the web. It brings to the table a host of advantages such as boosted execution speeds, reduced resource usage and accelerated website performance, which has made it become the go-to solution for speed-focused web projects.

Evostrix Web Hosting Highlights Of 2018

The Swoole framework, in turn, allows PHP developers to write scalable applications for Internet, mobile communication, cloud computing and online gaming, etc. without the need to have an in-depth knowledge of non-blocking I/O programming.

Important SSL improvements – with SSL becoming a must-have feature for each site, we improved the SSL Manager section so as to make SSL certificates much easier to obtain and manage. Including FREE SSL certicate Let’s Encrypt.

We moved all SSL generation and management operations under one roof so our customers could easily request and manage SSL certificates from just one place.

Evostrix Web Hosting Highlights Of 2018

Beside the service & marketing upgrades, we’ve also kept investing time and effort into improving the overall security, stability and scalability of our web hosting platform.

On the brink of 2019, we’re looking forward with even more zeal to embracing industry challenges and bringing in the changes that you want to see.

From all Evostrix Team We want to thank all of you clients, our partners, for your continuous support and valuable feedback throughout the whole of 2018!

May the upcoming New Year bring joy to your family and prosperity to your business pursuits!

Evostrix Web Hosting Team

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