Fall Guys Developer Warns Players Of Mobile Version Scam

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Fall Guys Developer Warns Players Of Mobile Version Scam

Fall Guys Developer Warns Players Of Mobile Version Scam

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic warns players that there is no way to play Fall Guys on mobile and any information that indicates otherwise is a scam. So if you see any videos or adverts online that suggest that they have the game on Android and iOS, you can know that it is a scam. Pointing out a recent video on YouTube, the official Fall Guys Twitter account had this to say about Fall Guys on Mobile: “Fall Guys is only available on PC & PS4, If you see any ads for a mobile version they are scams.”

Unfortunately, there are forces in the world with much less noble intentions than Chuck E. Cheese. On the game’s official Twitter account, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic called attention to a scam that’s been seen lurking around the internet. This scam consists of YouTube ads for a mobile version of Fall Guys that definitely does not exist. The ad shows Fall Guys gameplay on a smartphone that is clearly just prerecorded video footage that an actor is pretending to play. As Mediatonic points out, the scammers didn’t even remove the computer cursor from the footage, and it stands out quite glaringly on the phone screen.

Mobile marketplaces have earned a nasty reputation for playing host to legions of copycats of successful titles. For the most part, these ripoffs are just shallow, poorly-made games plastered with advertisements by people hoping to make a quick buck. They’re annoying but relatively harmless. Others can be much more sinister, and can lead to viruses, malware, and all sorts of other issues. Mediatonic’s obvious distress at having its game used for such insidious purposes is absolutely warranted.

The scam video and site also linked players to a website called fallguysmobile.com, which is not affiliated with the game’s developers in any way. The official website, FallGuys.com, confirms that the game is only available on PS4 and PC for now.

Mediatonic hasn’t announced any plans to launch the game on mobile yet or on other consoles such as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Sobe careful with these videos and don’t download any apps claiming to be Fall Guys on mobile. There’s no telling what you’d actually be downloading.

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