Fallout 76 Players Build Site That Decrypts Nuke Launch Codes

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Fallout 76 Players Build Site That Decrypts Nuke Launch Codes

Fallout 76 Players Build Site That Decrypts Nuke Launch Codes

As intricate and laborious as Fallout 76’s nuke-launching system is, shrewd players are already finding shortcuts. One such shortcut is a website called NukaCrypt, created by player and Redditor Waffle_cop. NukaCrypt lets you punch in a partial launch keyword and the nuke code letters and numbers you’ve collected, and spits out possible codes that will get your nuke in the air.

Launching a nuke in Fallout 76 requires a fair few steps. Each of the three silos has eight code fragments you can find by killing certain high-level ghouls, plus you’ll need to nab a launch keycard from certain cargo bots, and then you need to decipher the code. They’re encrypted using a keyword cipher, with each week’s keyword revealed letter by letter in the Enclave Bunker.

Nukes can be detonated in a variety of sites, which will all produce their own high-level enemies. A town, for example, may suddenly be populated by tough level 50 and above automatons once a nuke goes off. Fallout 76 has areas of the map that are known as Fissure Sites, and they are infamous for being deadly. It’s where Scorchbeasts, the toughest enemies in the game, reside. Scorchbeasts are huge bat-like creatures that can destroy settlements, and they are Fallout 76’s way of one-upping the already fearsome Deathclaws. You can think of them as post-apocalyptic dragons.

A group of players decided to launch a nuke on a Fissure Site yesterday, and the results are bonkers. As documented by YouTuber Nickaroo93, a Fissure Site detonation spawns multiple Scorchedbeasts, including the current toughest behemoth in the game: a Scorchedbeast Queen. The queen is level 95, and she’s not alone. Surrounding her are a legion of level 50 and above normal Scorchedbeasts as well as Scorched Deathclaws, Scorched Mega Sloths, and Scorched Ghouls.

It’s still not a simple process: each time you enter a code, you need a single-use keycard, so if NukaCrypt gives you ten possible codes you’ll need 10 cards if you wind up needing to try all of them. Collecting cards requires tracking down cargobots and shooting them out of the sky, plus dealing with the vertibot escorts it travels with. Even with NukaCrypt’s help, it’s a good amount of legwork.

Launching nukes isn’t just cool to watch: the detonation can spawn powerful bosses carrying extremely rare crafting materials and loot, as we saw the other day when a group of players dropped a bomb on a scorchbeast nest. The radiation gave rise to a level Scorchbeast Queen who summoned a whole bunch of other scorched versions of monsters.

Fallout 76 nukes are less of a PvP tool, and are intended as a way to irradiate certain areas to make high-level spawns and raid them for better rewards. That means these tools won’t have players raining down nukes on your head willy-nilly – especially since you still have to collect the codes, access the silos, and complete the quests (at least once) to reach the Enclave.

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