Final Fantasy 15 Last DLC Episode Ardyn Releases Next Month

Episode Ardyn was one of four planned DLC "The man who history forgot"

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Final Fantasy 15 Last DLC Episode Ardyn Releases Next Month

Final Fantasy 15 Last DLC Episode Ardyn Releases Next Month

Nearly 18 months after the initial launch of Final Fantasy XV, the story is finally drawing to a close. The release of the latest piece of DLC, Episode Ardyn, will wrap up the story on March 26. Ahead of Episode Ardyn’s release, Square Enix shared an animated prologue video that sets the stage for the DLC. You can watch video below, his 13 minute prologue.

Episode Ardyn casts players in the role of the eponymous Final Fantasy XV villain. According to Square Enix, the story is set 35 years before the events of the main game, after Ardyn is freed from his centuries-long imprisonment by Niflheim researcher Verstael Besithia.

Much like previous Final Fantasy XV DLC chapters, Episode Ardyn features some unique gameplay mechanics. As Ardyn, players will be able to speed around the environment using his Shadow Move ability. He can also Daemonify enemies, turning them into daemons.

With Ardyn as its playable character, the DLC will also put a spin on combat through new magic and abilities. Interestingly, the ability to travel around in the flying Batmobile that Noctis and the gang use in the main game has been swapped for a more traditional fast-travel system called “shadow-stepping.” It’s no Batmobile, but sure, that’s pretty neat.

Despite the cancellation of those three episodes, Final Fantasy XV has still had a pretty long tail. Nearly a year and a half has passed since release and the final episode, but now it’s time to look towards whatever Square Enix decides to do with the franchise going forward.

As Square Enix previously announced, Final Fantasy 15 season pass holders will automatically receive Episode Ardyn. It will also be available for individual purchase. Final Fantasy 15 season will launch on 26th March.

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