Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Gives Hope For New Parasite Eve Game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase gives hope to fans of Square Enix's survival-horror/RPG hybrid series Parasite Eve. It Would "Be a Waste" Not to Use Parasite Eve's Characters

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Gives Hope For New Parasite Eve Game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Gives Hope For New Parasite Eve Game

In an interview, Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase has shared his thoughts about Parasite Eve and, in particular, its possible return in the future. Kitase explained he believes that the intellectual property has characters who should be taken advantage of for more titles. Square Enix recently uploaded a video to YouTube featuring All Elite Wrestling star Kenny Omega interviewing game producer Yoshinori Kitase, who was the director of the original Final Fantasy 7 and is serving as producer of the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake. During the interview, Omega asked some questions about other Square Enix franchises, asking Kitase directly about the dormant survival-horror/action-RPG series Parasite Eve.

Yoshinori Kitase is currently the producer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake but he also produced the third Parasite Eve game called The 3rd Birthday. The Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase showed his adoration for the characters of the action RPG survival horror franchise especially Ayia Brea and said:

Yes, that’s right, I worked on The 3rd Birthday for PSP. The characters are very interesting and deep, especially Aya Brea.

I don’t know of any plans right now, but it would be a waste not to use these characters.


If you are unaware of the Parasite Eve series, these games belong to the action survival horror genre. Square Enix released the first game in 1998 for the PS1. One year after that, a sequel was released to the original game. After eleven long years, Square Enix released the third installment called The 3rd Birthday. The game was released for the PlayStation Portable and received mostly favorable reviews. Following that, we have heard nothing about another game in the franchise. It is as if Square Enix has forgotten about the action RPG survival horror series.

Fans speculate that the question about the franchise was pre-planned. The topic was supposedly brought up because Square Enix wanted to let the fans know that the franchise isn’t dead. But this is just conjecture. Yoshinori Kitase certainly believes that the characters in the series are too interesting and developed to go to waste.

There was also a Parasite Eve easter egg hidden in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake E3 trailer from 2015, which could be taken as another sign that Square Enix has plans for the franchise in some capacity. However, it’s worth pointing out that Final Fantasy 7 Remake has changed dramatically from its original version, so it’s quite possible that the Parasite Eve reference has been removed.

It would be cool to see Parasite Eve get some attention again, especially with all the remakes and re-releases Square Enix has been putting together. Even in Japan, PlayStation Classic owners got the first Parasite Eve game as part of their lineup. If Final Fantasy 7 and Trials of Mana get some time to shine in 2020, why not the adventures of Aya Brea?

Kitase discussed a lot about Final Fantasy during the interview as well, even sharing some stories from directing the original game. The first of several installments of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will launch on April 10, 2020. In lieu of a Parasite Eve remake, I guess that will do.

Parasite Eve is available for PS1.

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