Gears 5 is Adding Dave Bautista As A Playable Character

“it’s about f*cking time.”

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Gears 5 is Adding Dave Bautista As A Playable Character

Gears 5 is Adding Dave Bautista As A Playable Character

Dave Bautista has long-talked about wanting to star in a Gears of War movie … and now he’s taken the first step in making it happen by appearing in the next game. The actor/retired wrestler made the announcement on Tuesday with a video of him in Gears armor saying “it’s about f*cking time.”

Bautista shared the news today via Twitter (below) that he will be a playable character in Gears 5 starting on September 15 after WWE’s Clash of Champions event. Bautista will seemingly be playing his wrestling persona in-game as the reveal video stated that “Batista” is who will be playable.

In case you weren’t already aware, Gears 5 will now offer one of the most hilarious character lineups in recent memory. Not only will you be able to use Bautista, but Linda Hamilton’s portrayal of Sarah Connor from the upcoming film Terminator: Dark Fate is also playable alongside a T-800 terminator. You can also play as two characters from Bungie’s Halo Reach, too. All in all, Gears 5 boasts a pretty crazy character roster and it seems like this lineup might only get more crazy as time goes on. I can’t wait to see who joins the roster next.

According to Xbox, Batista will be available as a Gears 5 multiplayer character wearing the armor of Marcus Fenix. Xbox also says they’ve partnered with WWE to create a special countdown to his availability in the game, including behind-the-scenes videos on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown gaming channel ahead of Clash of Champions.

Play any version of Gears 5 (including with your Xbox Game Pass membership) from September 15-October 28 to unlock the character.

At Gamescom, even more guest characters were announced for Gears 5. It was at that event where we learned that some Halo: Reach Spartans would be in Gears 5, in the form of Emile-A239 and Kat-B320. Better yet, the original voice actors for Emile and Kat are reprising their roles for Gears 5.

If these crossover promotions prove to be successful, then we can’t rule out the possibility of even more guest characters coming to Gears 5 in future updates.

Gears 5 launches this Friday, September 6, on PC and Xbox One for those who will purchasing the game’s Ultimate Edition. The standard edition will then be made available next week on September 10. Keep an eye out in the coming days to hear our thoughts on the latest entry in the Gears of War saga.

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