God Of War New Trailer Devs Showcases Kratos New War Leviathan Axe

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God Of War New Trailer Devs Showcases Kratos New War Leviathan Axe

God Of War New Trailer Devs Showcases Kratos New War Leviathan Axe

One of the biggest difference in the new God of War is Kratos’ new weapon. Now aimed with the throwable Leviathan Axe, Kratos’ combat arsenal is much different than it was before. To explain the change, Sony put out a new video showcasing the dangerous weapon. For even more on how the Leviathan Axe comes into play, check out my interview with the God of War combat team.

In the video above, the developers provide more insight on the new weapon, including why they decided to go with the axe over Kratos’s more familiar arsenal. The video showcases some of the devastating attacks Kratos can perform with the weapon and gives a glimpse at some of the potential upgrades that players can choose for it during the course of the game.

Sony announced that God of War had gone gold earlier this month, meaning the game is ready to be sent off for manufacturing. It is scheduled to release for PS4 on April 20. It will launch alongside a special edition PS4 Pro bundle that features a God of War-themed console and some digital content. It also gets a performance mode with PS4 Pro even if you don’t have a 4K display.

The other big change is that Kratos has a son named Atreus who is central to both gameplay and the story. I didn’t realize it early on, but Atreus is actually the most interesting part of combat encounters. Not only could I command him to shoot arrows at enemies (causing a stun) by pressing the square button, but with careful positioning he could be used to draw the attention of dangerous foes. Since he doesn’t have a life bar to worry about, using your son as a diversion is a hugely beneficial tactic (especially in boss fights).

God of War isn’t just Santa Monica Studio doing something different for the sake of variety (although the series did clearly need a shake up after how dull Ascension seemed). Everything from its gameplay to storytelling has been changed for the better. By doing so, Sony has given one of its biggest franchises new life.


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