GTA 5 Online Getting Diamond Casino Heist Update Next Week

GTA 5 Next Update Goes ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style With a New Casino Heist

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GTA 5 Online Getting Diamond Casino Heist Update Next Week

GTA 5 Online Getting Diamond Casino Heist Update Next Week

The last big content update for GTA Online introduced the Diamond Casino, a new zone where players can gamble, purchase a luxurious penthouse, and accept new missions from a new cast of characters. Rockstar has announced a follow-up is coming to the Diamond Casino: a new heist coming in December. Rockstar Games is teasing something big on Twitter below, which just might confirm a number of rumors that have been circulating regarding upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online. A short video posted has likely revealed what the big end-of-year DLC will be!

Rockstar claims there will be more ways to set-up, prep, and explore missions than in previous heists; there will be multiple paths of approach to the end objective, different security measures to consider, and in-mission choices that will need to be made on the fly. A set-up may go hideously wrong mid-mission, requiring players to pull out their weapons and do things in a much more messy fashion. In theory, this should make this the most replayable heist yet, with both different routes to take and different outcomes for each mission along the way.

If Lester is involved, this can’t be anything less than a Casino Heist. The idea of a Casino Heist has a long history with GTA 5. Originally rumored to be a part of the single-player storyline, then as the main element of the story DLC that never happened, and finally thought to be a mission in the Diamond DLC, somehow this very fitting piece of content never materialized – until now.

Players will also get access to a new commercial venture: a retro arcade business property. This will work as a staging ground for heists, where players can practice hacking and vault cracking minigames. There will also be a very handy Master Control Terminal, allowing players to manage all of their businesses from one place, which is a huge quality of life addition for GTA Online.

For now, the Diamond Casino & Resort website features an Easter egg teasing the upcoming event, so you may be able to glean clues from it. Or you can spend some time before the big event rewatching Ocean’s 11 and finding the best jazz soundtracks to play while you pull off your daring stunt. Right now, we don’t know much about this upcoming DLC. Rockstar is, as usual, tight-lipped about details, so we need to wait until next week before we get more info on what to expect.

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