Hideo Kojima Plans To Make Scariest Horror Game

Kojima is already getting his horror juices flowing

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Hideo Kojima Plans To Make Scariest Horror Game

Hideo Kojima Plans To Make Scariest Horror Game

Hideo Kojima has revealed that he plans to make a horror game following Death Stranding. Obviously, when it comes to this particular developer, it’s not just any horror game. Kojima revealed that he wants it to be the ‘scariest’. Which, following P.T., is probably within his grasp.

Having got out the door earlier this month, Kojima and his studio at Kojima Productions are now turning their attention to their next project. Kojima has now revealed his potential plan “to make the scariest horror game”. He’s currently busying himself with watching the scariest movies he can find “in order to awaken my horror soul”.

Taking to Twitter, above the developer said, “As to make the scariest horror game, I’ll watch the scary movies in order to awaken my horror soul.”

P.T. demonstrated Kojima has a pretty much unmatched talent in terms of generating sheer terror. A simple demo has gone down in history as one of the greatest horror experiences of all time. Since then, there have been plenty of imitators but none have come close to the experience of creeping around that looping corridor with Lisa watching your every step.

Next up on the platter will be the PC version of Death Stranding of course, which is due to launch in Summer 2020, although we doubt Kojima is going to be busying himself with that port whatsoever. For now, his attention is probably focused on this project and we’d love to see what full-blown horror game he could cook up free from the shackles of Konami.

Kojima’s been hitting the headlines this month. He took home a pair of Guinness Records for his social media following (video game director with the most followers on Twitter and Instagram), and there was news that his independent studio plans to make movies one day. Additionally, the divisive Death Stranding was nominated for several Game Awards, which has brought some controversy.

Fans love Kojima just as much as they love his games, and have enjoyed seeing him thrive with the creative freedom such independence has given him and his team. They may have to wait a good long while for the next release after Death Stranding, but at least they will have something amazing, and probably terrifying, to look forward to. If this is anything to go by, Kojima’s new project is sure to be incredible.

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