Hideo Kojima Reveals A Huge Death Stranding Gameplay Video

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Hideo Kojima Reveals A Huge Death Stranding Gameplay Video

Hideo Kojima Reveals A Huge Death Stranding Gameplay Video

Hideo Kojima has heard your criticism it seems, and he’s responding to the Death Stranding gameplay complaints with a whopping 50 minutes of footage at the Tokyo Game Show this week. The problem is that he doesn’t really want you to watch it. Writing on Twitter, the auteur admitted that he’d “like you to play without any information and enjoy the surprise by discovering yourself”. However, he continued: “Since many people say they don’t know what the game is about, I decided to introduce the basic gameplay.”

Kojima Productions also released the Death Stranding briefing video (Below) previously shown behind closed doors at Gamescom 2019, which gives a comprehensive explanation of the central conceit of its narrative, as explained via a lengthy cut-scene featuring Norman Reedus’ protagonist Sam, alongside Die-Hardman and Lindsey Wagner’s character, Amelie.

In short, Sam is tasked with reconnecting communications across a future dystopian America, which has long been fractured by supernatural events and a spreading culture of isolationism. Ordered by the President’s daughter herself (Amelie), Sam must reconstruct America by journeying from East to West and re-activating a number of communication nodes to spread a national message of unity.

Death Stranding Gameplay Footage

Appearing at the event, Hideo Kojima has released the video below showing nearly an hour of in-game footage from Death Stranding. In it, he also discusses some of the main gameplay mechanics.

While it does show Norman Reedus’ character mostly traversing the world, it does also give some insights into how the game will work. For example, the more you carry the slower you become and, of course, that strange baby that you have in tow for reasons I haven’t quite determined yet.

The mysteries of Death Stranding continued to unfold this week at Tokyo Game Show, where celebrated game director Hideo Kojima debuted a whopping 48 minutes of new gameplay, giving the most in-depth peek at the fractured world Sam Bridges hopes to save.

Note: Video below is not in English

You will eventually acquire a floating carrier, the video revealed, which can be used to transport boxes or Bridges himself. That’s right you can hop on and use the gizmo as a hoverboard in Death Stranding. When you’re not impersonating Marty McFly from Back to the Future Part II, you’ll be completing deliveries that end, it seems, with a thankful note or call from a hologram resident. The interactions are broadly similar to the Geoff Keighley cameo shown at Gamescom last month. For now, it’s not clear if these are merely side quests or integral to push the main storyline across.

What is clear, however, is that Death Stranding will have some infrequent but terrifying combat encounters. Today’s video showed Bridges fighting some goons in yellow suits and, later, the shadow-y ‘BT’ figures that have featured in many of the game’s cinematic trailers. You’ll have to pick between fight and flight, it seems, and occasionally abandon your cargo to ensure that Bridges is agile enough to thwart or flee from his opponents.

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