Hideo Kojima Says He Doesn’t Understand Death Stranding

“Even now, I don’t understand the game”

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Hideo Kojima Says He Doesn't Understand Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Says He Doesn’t Understand Death Stranding

You’d like to think that a video game director has a pretty good grasp of what it is they’re making, but that might not be the case at Kojima Productions. Hideo Kojima, the myth, the man, and the legend has gone on record stating that he doesn’t understand what’s going on in his own game. Good luck to anyone else trying to figure out what Death Stranding is all about then.

Hideo Kojima has a knack for creating game narratives that often don’t entirely make sense but that build fascinating and intriguing worlds for players to inhabit. For his new game, Death Stranding, he has created something so unique that even he admits he doesn’t fully understand it.

Death Stranding comes out later this year and it looks to possess the token weirdness that Kojima has become known for. Already, the trailers and gameplay videos have revealed a strange game that look unlike anything anyone has seen. Kojima has said he wants everyone to experience the weird game, so much so that Death Stranding has a very easy mode.

Speaking to the Financial Times, video game auteur Hideo Kojima admitted even he can’t quite comprehend his upcoming title – a star-studded action game where the focus is connection rather than destruction.

“Death Stranding… even now, I don’t understand the game,”

“Its world view, gameplay, they are all new. My mission is to create a genre that does not currently exist, and which takes everyone by surprise. There is, naturally, a risk in that…”

According to the interview, Kojima thinks of his teams as artisans. He talks about game development as a craft and refers to the current generation of people as “the gamer generation.” He postulates that gamers have a better ability to understand strange stories than his generation and that he wants to push against that and create something they will find compelling. He talks about how video games require the building of a world which requires a large team working behind the scenes to make everything come together.

“We are making things that are interactive. A banana has to be edible after you peel the skin. Cars have to be drivable. For games to be interactive and to deliver the enjoyment, there has to be a reality where there are lots of people backstage making it all happen.”

The story of Death Stranding has been teased out over the past year, trailer by surreal trailer. In the most recent one released by Kojima Studios, fans were introduced to a breastfeeding invisible baby born in the afterlife, but attached its mother through a floating, invisible umbilical cord.

Considering all of this, when Kojima says he doesn’t understand his own game, it seems what he means is that many different people have a hand in making the strange game work and that means that parts if will surprise even him. Hopefully folks looking forward to Kojima’s upcoming project can help him put the pieces together a little more when they see 80 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay later this month.

Death Stranding will release on November 8 for PS4