Horizon Zero Dawn Rumoured To Be Coming To PC In 2020

A Horizon Zero Dawn PC release seems likely now that an industry insider who also correctly guessed Death Stranding PC port states it will be soon.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Rumoured To Be Coming To PC In 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn Rumoured To Be Coming To PC In 2020

A rumour is doing that rounds that Horizon: Zero Dawn may be the next PlayStation 4 exclusive set to come to PC. There aren’t thumbs big enough to take the pinch of salt required for this one. Indie Russian game journalist Anton Logvinov formerly of the Russian video games magazine Igromania asserts that a Horizon Zero Dawn PC version will be arriving in February of next year. That sounds fantastical enough as it is, but the reason it’s coming to PC is even crazier: according to him, it’s going to be building hype up for the sequel.

Some credibility is apparently added to the claim because Logvinov also ‘predicted’ earlier this year that would come to PC. It’s not abundantly obvious how predicting Death Stranding’s PC release in early 2019 is anything special though. We’ve been saying for years that Death Stranding will be coming to PC because, well, that’s exactly what Kojima Productions announced back in 2015. It doesn’t exactly qualify as a hot scoop to repeat this claim three years later.

According to Logvinov, this may be an attempt to increase Horizon: Zero Dawn fan base ahead of the sequel and PlayStation 5 releases. From a business standpoint, this would make sense – if some PC-only players were to like HZD enough, it could drive them to become future PlayStation players. Therefore, this port would serve an initiative to increase PlayStation player base and push the initial sales of PS5 in one fell swoop.

While Sony-backed Death Stranding has already been announced for PC in 2020, it is not a first party title. It was still made by Kojima Productions. On the other hand, it is bringing the Decima engine to PC, which could make porting easier for Sony’s titles, should they decide to share them with another platform.

For now, of course, there’s no official word from Sony, and thus the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release rumor should be treated with a grain of salt. That it comes from a credible source certainly shouldn’t be outright ignored, however, and fans looking for more opportunities to experience Aloy’s world before a potential sequel should keep their eyes peeled on media announcements over the coming weeks – especially during The Game Awards 2019 ceremonies, which often leave a lot of room for major reveals.

It seems like a shot in the dark based on the game’s engine more than anything. We’d love it if it did but we’re certainly not getting our hopes up for the prospect any time soon. This is just one of the reasons why people are doubting the validity of Logvinov’s claims but if he is right, an official announcement should be coming soon.

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