Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Officially Available Now

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Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Officially Available Now

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Officially Available Now.

The wait is finally over, at least if you’re one of the people who have been waiting for Intel‘s latest Core processors, codenamed Coffee Lake. Intel has officially launched their 8th generation Core processors and Overclockers UK announced they have them in stock.

New Features

Every generation brings new features and that’s no different for Coffee Lake CPUs. Among the new features is the Per-Core-Overclocking as well as a maximum memory ratio up to 8400 MT/s. We also get real-time memory latency control, extended PLL trim controls, and an enhanced package power delivery. According to Intel, Coffee Lake chips are also superior when it comes to overclocking abilities. Whether that’s correct or not will be shown through independent reviews.

8th Generation Core Models

Intel released six new processors in this series and they’re all available now. Each category gets a locked and an unlocked version as you can see below. From four cores to six hyperthreaded cores should offer something for everyone.

The 8700K is undoubtedly a fine processor; those shopping for a mainstream system, particularly one with a top-of-the-line graphics card, should buy it. But, while more than stopgap solution, Coffee Lake merely paints over the cracks that emerged when Intel braved its way into a post-“tick-tock” world. It’s damage control, not an outright victory.

nternally, there’s little to tell Coffee Lake apart from Kaby Lake, which in turn was largely the same as Skylake. This one of the longest periods Intel has gone without changing its mainstream architecture, a side effect of the move away from tick-tock, and the delay to 10nm Cannon Lake parts. There is an extra 4MB of L3 cache on board to accommodate six cores, along with a rise in TDP to 95W, but otherwise don’t expect any increases in instructions per clock performance. The performance boosts in Coffee Lake come from clock speed and cores, not from an evolution in architecture.

There’s little to report on the GPU side either. All Coffee Lake processors include Intel UHD 630 graphics (running at 1200MHz on the 8700K), the same Intel UHD 630 graphics included in Kaby Lake. For basic gaming—older games and e-sports—and media decoding and encoding, Intel’s integrated GPU works well. Everyone else should plan to purchase a discrete GPU.

SpecsIntel Core i7-8700KIntel Core i7-8700Intel Core i5-8600KIntel Core i5-8400Intel Core i3-8350KIntel Core i3-8100
ArchitectureCoffee LakeCoffee LakeCoffee LakeCoffee LakeCoffee LakeCoffee Lake
Base Clock3.7GHz3.2GHz3.6GHz2.8GHz4.0GHz3.6GHz
Turbo Boost 2.04.7GHz4.6GHz4.3GHz4.0GHzN/AN/A
L3 Cache12MB12MB9MB9MB6MB6MB
PCIe Lanes161616161616
Memory SupportDual Channel DDR4-2666Dual Channel DDR4-2666Dual Channel DDR4-2666Dual Channel DDR4-2666Dual Channel DDR4-2400Dual Channel DDR4-2400
US Price$379$314$260$190$180$117
UK Price£351£290£246£172£167TBC


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