Intel Confirms Its First Dedicated Graphics Cards Will Launch In 2020

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 Intel Confirms Its First Dedicated Graphics Cards Will Launch In 2020

Intel Confirms Its First Dedicated Graphics Cards Will Launch In 2020

Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, has reportedly confirmed that the company plans to release their first dedicated graphics chips in 2020, turning the high-end graphics market into a three horse race. By 2020 the graphics card market will be a three-horse race with Intel joining AMD and Nvidia. Team Blue intends to provide graphics chips designed for high-performance computing, gaming, artificial intelligence and data centre usage.

Moving forward, Intel plans to create graphics components for the gaming, data center and artificial intelligence markets, hoping to generate more revenue for the company during a time where the processor market is likely to be more competitive than ever.

By 2020, Intel hopes to have created graphics technology that will be able to compete with the likes of AMD and Nvidia, either in raw performance or value for money, allowing them to diversify and create more powerful integrated graphics solutions for their future processors.

Intel hired Raja Koduri in November 2018, the former head of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group, an ideal leader for Intel’s graphics efforts. New chip architecture developments typically take three years or longer, making a 2020 timeframe an aggressive launch schedule for Intel, though at this time it is unknown where in the market Intel is targeting with this release.

Intel’s Navin Shenoy has reportedly confirmed that Intel is working on both datacenter and client product types, which likely means that Intel plans to develop a chip that is suitable for several markets, from gaming to professional to even datacenter computing. Both AMD and Nvidia use the same chip designs to service several markets, with changes in firmware and software defining how well each product works within specific applications.

From Intel’s perspective, it’s going to be incredibly tough to compete with AMD and Nvidia right away. Unlike AMD though, Intel does have nearly bottomless pockets, so they do certainly have the means to bankroll and brute force a potentially great product.

Mark 2020 in your calendars then. It’s sure to be an absolutely fascinating time for PC gaming when we’ve got an additional force in the market. Nvidia has been dominant for a long time but it’s going to have to keep on its toes now it’s got two threats to fight against. With any luck, it means more aggressive technological advances for us, as well as the obvious benefit of cheaper prices that competition inevitably brings.

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