.IT Domain Registrations Now Free With A Hosting Plan

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.IT Domain Registrations Now Free With A Hosting Plan

One of the most domain hack-friendly ccTLDs – .IT, Evostrix Web Hoisting offer for free with a web hosting plan.

.IT is one of the country-code TLDs that gained popularity because of their lexical and phonetic coincidence with English words.

Now you can take full advantage of the vast market potential of the Italian ccTLD and start offering .IT domain registrations/transfers for free with a web hosting plan.

.IT domains – some facts and details

.IT is the official country-code Top-Level Domain for Italy. At first, it was only available to native applicants who had to meet a host of local presence requirements.

In 2008, the ccTLD was officially introduced to the European public. The extension was instantly recognized as an attractive namespace by the IT industry.

Also, it is excellent for constructing catchy domain hacks like SCOOP.IT, LEARN.IT, SNEEZE.IT, etc.

The generic feel of the Italian ccTLD got lots of attention and led to an increase in .IT domain name registrations.


Why register an .IT domain?

Registering an .IT domain is a must for companies that are doing business in Italy and are looking to promote their brands on the local market.

Italians are very sensitive about their unique culture and language, which is why they show a clear preference for .IT-adorned sites over those ending in .COM or .NET, for example.

With an .IT-powered online presence, companies are guaranteed more visibility and greater customer outreach from the very start.

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