Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Coming August 1

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Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Coming August 1

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Coming August 1

Lego will release its brick-based version of the Nintendo Entertainment System on Aug. 1, the toymaker announced on Today. The Lego NES set will include a nearly life size version of the NES, a controller (with cable), a Super Mario Bros. Game Pak, and a retro 1980s style television, all built from Lego bricks. There’s only a few more days to go before Lego launches its love-it-or-hate-it line-up of Super Mario building sets. Many fans are undoubtedly hoping this new partnership between two of the world’s most loved companies will spawn more crossover building sets thankfully, something truly incredible is about to make the range truly irresistible.

Images of what appear to be an officially licensed LEGO replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System have appeared online, with the leaked information suggesting the set is launching for retail as soon as next month. 

According to the source, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System will be launching on August 1 for €229,99 (other regional pricing to be confirmed), and contains 2646 pieces for customers to recreate Nintendo’s 80’s gaming system in LEGO form.

By now, we are all familiar with how LEGO pays careful attention to details, and this LEGO NES is loaded with those little touches that make LEGO sets like this more endearing. As it seems, this set will come with a collection of uniquely molded Super Mario characters never before seen even in the new LEGO Super Mario sets. The LEGO NES will feature a collection of new, irregularly shaped tile pieces that take inspiration from the game’s classic 8-bit format. We have Mario himself, a Goomba, a Super Mushroom, a Red Shell, a Super Star, and a Mystery (?) Block.

The TV has a crank that can be used to scroll the screen to move the 8-bit Mario through the level. Furthermore, if the LEGO Mario from the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course is used on the TV, the iconic sounds and music will play as the on-screen Mario interacts with enemies, obstacles, and power-ups.

“Super Mario has been a cherished figure in the gaming world for over thirty years now,” said Maarten Simons, Creative Lead on LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™, the LEGO Group. “Many adults still fondly remember that first time they saw Mario leap across the small screen, even if the graphics were a lot simpler than they are today. With the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, we’re letting them truly indulge in that nostalgia, recreating one of the most-loved consoles of all time so they can see the Super Mario from their childhoods once again – and even to share the experience of gaming in the 1980s with their own children.”

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