Live Chat Support And An Info Brochure Added For 30-Day Trial Accounts – Update

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Evostrix Live Chat

Live Chat support and an info brochure added for 30-day trial accounts.

A few months ago we introduced a 30-day Free Trial option to our platform, giving prospects the chance to evaluate our services at their leisure before committing to our web hosting services.

To better communicate the value of this option to customers, we’ve added a Live Chat module and an info brochure inside their Web Hosting Control Panel.

What are the new Free Trial updates about?

To reflect the new 30-day Free Trial option, we’ve implemented a major update to the themes, as well as to the order procedure itself.

Instead of completing the signup procedure on our store, the clients are sent to the Control Panel where they are presented with two options: to take advantage of the 30-day free trial period or to finish the registration process on the spot.

Prospects’ acquaintance with the Free Trial option represents a key step in the signup process, which is why we’ve expanded our free trial coverage campaign, adding a detailed brochure and a Live Chat service.

The info brochure – In the dialog box that will come up right after they have logged into the Control Panel for the first time, prospects can see an overview of the Free Trial option, which is now complemented by a PDF brochure.

The brochure elaborates on the main benefits of the Free Trial option and the features included with each Free Trial account.

Evostrix Free Trial Brochure

The Live Chat service – If our customers have questions about the available information or just prefer to communicate instead of reading, they can get in touch with our Sales Department in real time even though their accounts are still in trial mode:

Evostrix Live Chat


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