Major Semi-Dedicated Server CPU Upgrade

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Just before the holidays, our OpenVZ servers saw a significant CPU usage quota uplift. Less than a month later, we upgraded our semi-dedicated servers as well.

As of today, the Semi-dedicated 1 server can use 100% of 1 CPU core, whereas the Semi-dedicated 2 server can use 100% of 2 CPU cores.

Why switch to CPU cores for CPU measuring?

At first, we thought of implementing a simple resource upgrade without making such a switch. After careful consideration, we decided to give our semi-dedicated servers even more power and to put them on a par with the more powerful VPS servers in terms of resource availability.

Amount-wise, the Semi-dedicated 1 plan has received a 100% CPU usage quota boost, whereas with the Semi-dedicated 2 package the percentage amounts to the whopping 200%! The master servers themselves are equipped with Intel Xeon E5 CPUs, which are powerful enough to provide the necessary processing power.

This will give semi-dedicated users a greater chance of building a strong online presence and of creating more engaging websites using the tools & resources they have at hand.

Why choose a semi-dedicated server?

A semi-dedicated server is the perfect solution for anyone who has outgrown the resources offered by their regular web hosting account, but whose budget isn’t yet ready for a full-blown dedicated server (not to mention the inevitable server management tasks).

Our semi-dedicated servers come without root access, but offer a myriad of free bonuses and tools, and are as easy to use as any regular web hosting account. There is zero server management involved. Our team of experienced administrators keeps a constant, vigilant watch over the semi-dedicated servers to make sure that everything is running smoothly.
Plus, all semi-dedicated servers include a 30-day free trial. This means that all potential customers will be able to see first-hand how the service works before making a purchase.

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