Marvel’s Avengers Devs Address Frame Rate Concerns

The director of Marvel's Avengers War Zones game mode, Philippe Therien, addresses frame rate issues seen in a recent trailer.

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Marvel's Avengers Devs Address Frame Rate Concerns

Marvel’s Avengers Devs Address Frame Rate Concerns

Marvel’s Avengers just might be one of the most highly-anticipated games to still come out this year, as fans are eager to play as some of the Marvel universe’s best superheroes. Given how much hype has surrounded the game for years, many have had high expectations for its graphics and visual world building. Recent pieces of footage for the game have been met with a varied response for this exact reason, as fans are worried about certain aesthetic details – including frame rate getting in the way of their immersion of the game. According to Philippe Therien, the game’s War Zones Director, fans shouldn’t be worried about that quite yet. When asked about frame rate during a recent Reddit AMA, Therien confirmed that the finished product will be much more seamless.

The game is set to allow players to embody their favorite superheroes from the Avengers in action and adventure style game that allows for solo play and co-op. Naturally, with a huge existing fanbase for the characters, anticipation for the release has been high but the game has encountered problems. Marvel’s Avengers has been delayed and fans have felt that the initial graphics that were showcased have not been replicated in future trailers. The team behind the game has now responded to worries about frame rates.

The director of Marvel’s Avengers War Zones game mode, Philippe Therien, has responded to fans on Reddit about the frame rates displayed, “Don’t worry too much about frame rate, you watched a streamed video and we are still optimizing.” With a couple of months until the game is released, fans will hope that these issues are resolved quickly so that they can enjoy a quality experience on release day.

Marvel’s Avengers releases September 4 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X releases to follow.

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