Metro Exodus Has Been Delayed Until Early 2019

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Metro Exodus Has Been Delayed Until Early 2019

Metro Exodus Has Been Delayed Until Early 2019

Metro Exodus first appeared at E3 last year and went on to become one of the best reveals of the show. At the time, the game was due to launch on PC and consoles later this year, with some hints pointing towards August. However, now it seems that the developers need more time, so the game has been pushed back.

Metro Exodus will release with an updated engine to offer advanced features like advanced lighting, physically-based rendering, full facial motion capture (for cinematic scenes) a new time of day system (day/night cycle) and dynamic weather simulations. In short, Metro Exodus is set to be another demanding piece of software from 4A Games.

On top of that, Metro Exodus will be one of the first games to make use of DXR Raytracing and Nvidia’s RTX technology, maintaining the series’ pedigree as a benchmarking standard for PC gamers, supporting advanced features and graphical settings which promise to stress out next-generation hardware after launch.

Metro Exodus is set to also release on PS4 and Xbox One, with A4 planning to make use of every drop of performance that these consoles have to offer, with plans to deliver HDR support and native 4K resolution support on the Xbox One X. It will be interesting to see what kind of visual sacrifices have to be made to accommodate console hardware, though at least it promises that the game will also be scalable to lower end PCs.

THQ Nordic is the publisher for Metro Exodus this time around. The company confirmed that Metro Exodus would now appear in Q1 2019, so any time between January and March next year. No further explanation for the delay was given, but we can safely assume that it was all in the name of ‘extra polish’.

Whether or not Metro Exodus will reappear at E3 this year remains to be seen. With the game pushed back until next year, we might not see more of it until later on.

Metro Exodus Will Support Nvidia RTX Real-Time Raytracing Tech

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