Microsoft Fall Creators Update Included A Sneaky Anti-Cheat Feature

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Microsoft Fall Creators Update Included A Sneaky Anti-Cheat Feature

Microsoft Fall Creators Update Included A Sneaky Anti-Cheat Feature.

Gamers looking to cheat their way to victory in Windows games might have a bit of a harder time doing so following the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, as Microsoft included a new anti-cheat measure to help developers combat the issue of gamers breaking the rules. It’s called TruePlay and it makes it so that games run within a specially protected process, thereby safeguarding them from outside influence and monitoring them for attempts to modify them mid-game.

Cheating is as big a problem in gaming today as it has ever been and arguably even more so, as more people play competitive multiplayer games on PC today than ever before. Some of the biggest culprits are older games like CS:GO (still) and much more modern releases with enormous fan bases, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Whatever the game though, nobody likes playing with cheaters and Microsoft is hoping to help developers combat that with its new update.

As described on its official page (via VG247) TruePlay must be implemented by developers, but once in place it can look out for common attacks on games used for cheating purposes, it will also protect the privacy of other gamers and can help prevent false positives.

The best part about TruePlay though, is that it shouldn’t have any effect on non-cheating gamers. Even if a player hasn’t upgraded to the Fall Creators Update, they can benefit from its inclusion in games. Developers can let non-TruePlay gamers play alongside everyone else if they want, or they can limit it, but that will be dependent on the developers.

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