Minecraft Dungeons Delayed Until May 26

The development team is working remotely due to the global pandemic, Minecraft Dungeons is launching a month late, but you can pre-order it on the Microsoft Store.

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Minecraft Dungeons Delayed Until May 26

Minecraft Dungeons Delayed Until May 26

Mojang, the development team behind the Minecraft franchise, has finally announced a firm release date for the upcoming dungeon crawler and action RPG, Minecraft Dungeons. After it was promised for an April release, the game is now slated to arrive on all current-generation platforms on May 26. As Mojang’s Per Landin writes, Minecraft Dungeons was originally expected in May. Now “due to the current state of the world” the game has been bumped back.

Landin said:

“We wanted to guarantee the health and safety of our teams,”

“and empower them to deliver the best possible experience to you, our players. We hope you’ll find it was worth the wait.”


The game supports multiplayer, both through couch co-op and online, but there are no matchmaking servers, and players are encouraged to play with friends rather than strangers. At launch, players can only come together if they’re on the same platform, but the team is working to add support for cross-platform multiplayer in a future update.

You can pre-order Minecraft Dungeons on most platforms starting today, with pre-loading already available. Online play will be supported at launch, but Mojang says cross-play between all platforms will only be available sometime after.

There are two versions of Minecraft Dungeons you can purchase. The standard $20 edition gets you just the game, while the slightly more expensive $30 Hero Edition includes a Hero Cape, two player skins, a chicken pet, and two upcoming DLC packs. The Game Pass version will be the standard edition, but subscribers will save 10% on any purchased DLC.

That simplicity may limit its appeal to hardcore veterans of games like Grim Dawn or Diablo, although I suspect that’s not the audience Minecraft Dungeons is aiming for anyway. The biogger potential area of concern is the loot that characters are dependent upon, which is a bit lacking in both volume and variety. The preview is based on a beta build, however, so hopefully that will change for the full release on May 26.

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