My Friend Pedro Sold Over 250,000 Copies In Its First Week

The bonkers game sold a lot of bananas

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My Friend Pedro Sold Over 250,000 Copies In Its First Week

My Friend Pedro Sold Over 250,000 Copies In Its First Week

DeadToast Entertainment’s absolutely bananas shooter My Friend Pedro has sold 250,000 units during its first week on shelves. The sidescrolling shooting game came out on June 20 for Nintendo Switch and PC. Devolver and developer DeadToast are celebrating the sales milestone by releasing a new behind-the-scenes video, which you can watch below.

The title started as an Adobe Flash game in 2014. It focuses on acrobatic gun fights, including abilities like wall-jumping and cartwheels. Players can also slow down time for that classic “bullet time” effect.

Fans started buzzing about My Friend Pedro from the moment it was revealed at last year’s E3. Bananas, acrobatics, and bullet-time effects quickly drew gamers in. Devolver knew that it could be something special. Reviews on Metacritic are hovering around 80% so far.

Developers have to ensure they have an incredibly fun and polished game first. 

“You have to start with an interesting game people want to play, and taking time to make sure it launches as polished as possible is key,”

Lowrie said:

“With so many games out there every week, if you aren’t putting out something quality, it’s easy for players to just move on to something higher quality.”

That’s where working with an indie specialist like a Devolver, Versus Evil or Raw Fury can be advantageous for a developer letting a team of experts handle marketing and business allows a creative to be just that, while ensuring a certain level of polish.

“For Devolver, it’s important to us to give the creators enough time and space to fine tune the core gameplay we never want to rush anything out the door,”

Lowrie noted:

“Thankfully we’re in a position to do that for our developers and also offer production help if and when it’s needed. The core of every launch is to start with a game we think is special, and to help talented developers realize their vision. Most of the time they know exactly what they want to do, we just need to be there when they need us and most of the time stay out of their way.

You can snag My Friend Pedro for a 15% discount on Steam or right now, or head to the Nintendo eShop.

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