My Friend Pedro TV Series From John Wick Creator Confirmed

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My Friend Pedro TV Series From John Wick Creator Confirmed

My Friend Pedro TV Series From John Wick Creator Confirmed

The action game My Friend Pedro gets a television adaptation from producers by Derek Kolstad and David Leitch. Kolstad and Leitch are most well-known for their work creating John Wick, one of the most acclaimed action franchises of the past decade due to its creative and impressively challenging stunt work. On Thursday, Legendary Entertainment announced that has acquired the adaptation rights to My Friend Pedro, with plans to adapt the property into an R-rated, half-hour dramedy series.


My Friend Pedro takes explicit inspiration from these types of action films. Released in 2019 with the tagline “Blood. Bullets. Bananas.,” My Friend Pedro tells the story of a gun-wielding man committing violent acts and following the orders of a sentient banana named Pedro. The game is cartoonishly violent and employs slow-motion mechanics to create the feeling of being in the middle of a cinematic action sequence. The game debuted to mostly positive reviews noting that the gameplay was enjoyable, even if the story was somewhat derivative.

As mentioned, the similarity between My Friend Pedro and John Wick is easy to see. This definitely makes for an easy adaptation, and the only ingredient missing is a sentient banana. And based on the game, we can probably expect the game to have all the over-the-top action, and maybe not so much story. It will be interesting to see if the comedy of the game can be translated into a TV series well.

The production company dj2 found colossal success with Sonic the Hedgehog, and they could potentially repeat that same success if they embrace the fun and absurd nature that worked for Sonic and the Pedro game. Absurd comedy isn’t just for kids, and with some careful consideration, the R-rated My Friend Pedro show has a chance to go bananas.

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