Mysterious Star Wars Game Project Maverick Surfaces On PlayStation Network

Star Wars: Project Maverick listing reportedly added to the European PSN, but no one knows what it is

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Mysterious Star Wars Game Project Maverick Surfaces On PlayStation Network

Mysterious Star Wars Game Project Maverick Surfaces On PlayStation Network

Looks like a new Star Wars game of some sort might be arriving sooner rather than later. An unannounced project seemingly called “Star Wars: Project Maverick” has surfaced online thanks to the PlayStation Network, and while details are sparse, there is an title card for the thing which features at least one definitive image: a Star Destroyer with several X-wing starfighters flying towards it. The title was simply uploaded as “Maverick,” according to the Twitter account, but was paired with artwork that reveals a potential new Star Wars game. That artwork features a lone Imperial Star Destroyer and a small fleet of X-Wing starfighters, implying that the project would likely take place around the original Star Wars trilogy era.

The setting for that aerial battle appears to be Mustafar, the volcanic planet sanctuary to Darth Vader. Mustafar first appeared in Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, and has been featured in multiple films and animated series. The title image, which you can check out below, comes courtesy of a bot that scrapes the PlayStation Network for new additions. It’s largely red and black, with the Star Wars: Project Maverick logo emblazoned on top of what looks like, as mentioned before, several X-wing starfighters on their way to take on a Star Destroyer.

The Twitter account, which, according to its description, is a bot that provides updates about PlayStation 4 releases, authored a tweet earlier today featuring what appears to be artwork for this mysterious Project Maverick.

The image shows a squadron of X-wing fighters careening towards an Imperial Star Destroyer. The background appears to be two images superimposed on one another. One depicts an asteroid field in the depths of space, while the other has indistinct monoliths jutting upwards. Stamped across the middle of the image in an on-brand style and font is Star Wars Project Maverick, similar to recent Star Wars properties.

Random House published the storybook, which is set during an undisclosed period of time after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Its plot centers on Luke Skywalker’s enrollment in the New Academy for Space Pilots, where he trains to become a pilot for transport ships that are headed to uninhabited planets for colonization purposes.

Additionally, who knows what this is even for, if it is real. Could it be upcoming DLC for Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or something else entirely? Given the odd naming of the title, could it be some kind of PlayStation VR experience? The possibilities are practically endless.

Star Wars: Project Maverick has yet to be officially announced or confirmed as a real thing, but it certainly seems like it will be available via the PlayStation Network, which means it’s going to be available for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation VR. Either way, with digital store listings being sorted and promotional artwork being prepped, it would seem that this game is due for an announcement fairly soon.

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