NeoGAF Down After Owner Accused Of Sexual Harassment Allegations

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NeoGAF Down After Owner Accused Of Sexual Harassment Allegations

NeoGAF Down After Owner Accused Of Sexual Harassment Allegations.

The owner of NeoGAF is once again facing sexual harassment accusations. NeoGAF is offline after its owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka has had sexual assault allegations thrown at him, with Malka stepping down and the future of the site in serious jeopardy. Note: is currently offline at the time of writing, and it might not be coming back this time.

In the wake of some very serious allegations of sexual harassment (captured here on Imgur, with names removed) levelled at site-owner Tyler ‘Evilore’ Malka, at least 11 site administration and moderation staff have stepped up and walked out in a show of solidarity with the accuser, taking many of the site’s regular users with them.

The allegations against Malka carry additional weight, due to claims from the man himself, posted on NeoGAF back in 2012 that he has treated women in a far less-than-gentlemanly fashion. Joining the admin/moderation stuff, NeoGAF’s community is scattering far and wide, with some other major games forums seeing mass sign-ups in the past few hours, with Waypoint in particular seeing a large number of arrivals welcomed with open arms.

There has also been talk among some of the former NeoGAF staff of creating a successor site, although it’s questionable whether a major gaming new forum could flourish in the present climate. Discord servers have become a subtitute for many (including myself) to traditional games forums, with communities able to set up new hubs of activity quicker and easier than ever before, as well as moderate more effectively than previously possible. While NeoGAF had its own official Discord server, it was – like its parent site – an invitation-only affair.

While there is potential for NeoGAF to recover under new ownership (this would of course require Malka to stand down and hand the site off to someone else) this has an ‘end of an era’ feeling to it, and is very much a sign of the times. While great to see gaming communities (and the greater public) no longer willing to stay silent or sweep things under the rug in situations like this, it feels like it may be some time until communities reform under better leadership.

NeoGAF is reportedly preparing a statement that we’ll update the article with when it happens. This is big news, as NeoGAF is one of the largest gaming communities online, with a heap of breaking news and content flowing from the site over the years.

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