New Harry Potter RPG Announcement Could Be Revealed Soon

Avalanche Studios could be announcing the new open world Harry Potter RPG game soon.

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New Harry Potter RPG Announcement Could Be Revealed Soon

New Harry Potter RPG Announcement Could Be Revealed Soon

Fans have been asking for a AAA Harry Potter RPG for quite some time, with many wishing to dive into a massive recreation of the Wizarding World. However, besides leaked footage of a Harry Potter RPG, there have been no new announcements, teasers, or even hints at what may be next for the franchise, but that may soon change. It looks like a new AAA Harry Potter game may be announced very soon. According to a new job listing, Avalanche Software, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is working on a AAA title that will “soon be announced.” The listing itself makes no mention of Harry Potter, nor does it even make a subtle hint at the franchise. However, as you may know, multiple reports and rumors have claimed that the studio’s next game is a Harry Potter game.

The Harry Potter RPG would feature chaotic spellcasting with deep RPG progression, character classes, mature themes like death and harrowing cinematic sequences, expansive exploration across everyone’s favorite school of magic, and even boss fights. The studio wants to bring more depth to the Harry Potter interactive experience by infusing big industry archetypes befit of a BioWare game.

A video appeared to show off some gameplay and cinematics captured by someone claiming to be a game tester. Though the leak remains unverified to this day, Warner Bros. quickly took action against the video, copyright claiming the footage. Really, that’s indicative of one thing and one thing only that the footage was probably real.

Of course, this is all speculation and should be taken with a massive grain of salt. Fans have been asking for a proper Harry Potter RPG for years now, and it would be cool to see a big Harry Potter game with Fire Emblem: Three Houses elements. However, the job listing is vague, and all fans can know for sure is that Avalanche has a new game on the horizon, whatever that may be.

One can hope that Avalanche’s project is, in fact, a Harry Potter game. It’s possible that a reveal could happen at E3, though an E3 cancellation due to coronavirus is beginning to seem more and more likely, so it’s hard to say what the future holds.

That all said, again please take all of this speculation with a grain of salt or two. Again, we know Avalanche is about to announce a AAA game, and while we have reason to believe it will star Potter and his gang of friends, this hasn’t been confirmed.

The leak remains unverified, but hopefully we’ll hear more on the project sooner rather than later!

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