New Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Gameplay Details Reportedly Revealed

Guerrilla Games has plans for a Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy, and the sequel to the first will be 'gigantic' in scope with a large game world and more freedom.

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New Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Gameplay Details Reportedly Revealed

New Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Gameplay Details Reportedly Revealed

The next entry in the Horizon: Zero Dawn series from Guerrilla Games is reportedly worked on with plans for a full trilogy, states a new report suggesting that a co-op focused PS5 sequel to 2017’s critically acclaimed open world game is already well underway. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is said to feature cooperative play, although it’s unknown if this will be in the main game or a separate mode. This feature was axed from the original due to a lack of development time, and Guerrilla Games was planning on introducing co-op play in a demo for the sequel that would transfer progress into the full game. It’s unknown if this is still the plan or not.

Evidently, the sequel will also have a multiplayer feature, which is something that a recent job listing seems to lend credence to. Guerrilla had plans to develop a multiplayer function for the original Horizon Zero Dawn, too, but scrapped the idea in favor of developing other parts of the game. How exactly the multiplayer will work for the sequel remains a mystery, however, as nothing specified whether it would be apart of the story mode, something else, or both.

Interestingly, the report alleges that co-op was supposed to be part of the first game, but it got scrapped during development due to a lack of resources. In other words, it makes sense that both Guerrilla Games and PlayStation are keen to revive this feature. After all, it gives a game much more playability after completion. Sources informed too that the location that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is “gigantic” in its scope, with an even bigger emphasis on participant freedom in a bigger world. It all sounds very thrilling, although we do hope Sony doesn’t wait too lengthy to formally reveal it.

Guerrilla Games has since posted a job listing that seems to explicitly acknowledge the existence of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and there’s been a (possibly too good to be true) leak that suggests we’ll be hearing about the sequel soon- so all signs seem to point to a second game being in development.

Herman Hulst is now the new president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, so it seems pretty safe to say that he would be onboard with greenlighting anything Horizon related. And if all of that weren’t enough, the game has a canon comic book continuation releasing in July 2020.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on this latest leak. Further, for now, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has not been announced or confirmed.

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